Dreams of Sominia – ||| Over 12 years in the making |||

About The Series



Sominia: a mystical world fractured by politics and warring races, created long ago by the power of a  goddess who feeds off of the dreams of our world.

A fantasy epic spanning multiple dimensions; Several Heroes must overcome their struggles and differences to save not only their world, but the fate of ours as well. Follow Emelia and her newfound allies she finds herself mysteriously landed in a world of politics and deceptive intrigue.

Mindset & Genre

High Fantasy Setting with Dark Fantasy Influences, Dreams of Sominia is a Young Adult Fantasy set in a world drifting on a relative plane in a different universe than ours.  In that Universe, our world, Earth consists on a higher plane and as a result, the dreams and creations of everyday people craft the ideals of the lower plane.  Sominia, a lower plane world, is a land of beauty, wonder and yet shrouded with a veiled history of politics, bloodshed, and deceit.

Q: How many books are planned for the Dreams of Sominia series?

A: Currently with the release of the first book this upcoming summer (2017), there is a plan for a total of five books to be released, including a prequel.

Q: I’ve heard of the Sominia Project before.  What is the history behind it?

A: After over 12 years of world-building and the general schematics of life, an associate of the author recommended to test a Role-Playing Game set in the same world as Turn-Based Strategy built with Unity.  Unfortunately since not enough assets were produced, the project has been shelved for the time being.

Q: Are you looking for Beta Readers?

A: Always!  Having readers willing to take the time to give feedback on the series is what helps make the story come alive in a rigorous perfection!  Check out the Volunteer Team Page or if you have any questions, feel free to contact the author, Amy A. Barrett or her assistants at apply [@] sominia.com.

Title Statuses (As of 07/19/2017)

Final Revisions @ 45%