Book I: Into the Dream




Excerpt from the Novel:

“You’re not supposed to be here.”

A deafening of silence; the twisting of an enlightenment as I stumbled groggily awake, my fingers grasping about for an evidential form of supported reality.  My breath is listless from an abrupt transformation of scenery.  The ethereal laments of the world before descending into the placement of my own bedroom amid the beckoning of dawn.  With the discovery of my body enthralled in a crowding of heavy winter blankets upon a bitter December chill, my mind slowly succumbs to a more innate realization that I returned from yet another dream afar.

– Chapter 1, Into the Dream by Amy A. Barrett


When is it expected to be released?

While in the final stages of revisions and last checks, Amy A. Barrett is pleased to continue to announce her intent of being able to release this book early August, 2017!  Our anticipated date of release is currently: August 8th, 2017.

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