Continent of Astana

General Information

Known as the Western continent, Astana is host to both the Astanian and Corsani civilizations. The epidemiology of its naming can be traced to the rise of the Astanian civilization and its aggressive establishment of settlements.

Early History (Origins)

Originally due to the harsh desert climate of their foundation, the Corsani became tribal and nomads, heavily reliant on the sparse rivers and inland sea for survival.  As the Corsani began to understand and utilize the mystical elements left behind by the Goddess in the creation of the world, commonly referred to as magic, using its potency to bolster its society’s growth.  This would result in the reduction of their dependency on the Astanians in the reliance of trade agreements.  Their initial kingdom was and is still known as the country of Corsano.

At their earliest establishments, the Astanians began the formation of their first and greatest city, Validus in the fertile lands of what is now known as the Kingdom of Fortis towards the far west.  While regarded as excellent traders throughout Sominia, the Astanians originally used this ability to benefit themselves and the Corsani.  In the earliest of history, the initial kingdom was known as Astana before it was later dissolved into three independent nations.

Eventually, settlers traveled throughout Astana creating colonies and settlements, allowing more trade routes, and ultimately sea routes to Mystis. As scholars began to discover the ability and use of general magic from a scientific standpoint, outside the scope and purview of the residual mystical elements resulting in furthering political change.

Formation of the Trifecta-based Governments

Astana and its hosted countries all are aligned in administration and ideals historically within the creation of the Trifecta-based Governmental system, which began forming 2,000 years ago, taking about 800 years to reach a fully developed form of rule.

As the Trifecta was forming many debates arose on the assumption of which arm of the system would carry the most power in political and diplomatic might.  While popular choice was derivative in the Sect of Divinae (a strict administrative order founded in religious ideals and composed of only women) several factions were adamant in the assumption of executive power be assumed by the Order of the Guardian (a fraternal organization which established the laws and military influence within society).

As Civil war erupted over the issue, a new nation was carved out in the resulting aftermath, Contrivi.

Formed about 1600 years ago, following a split from Fortis, Contrivi came into being over a split about how magi and magic should be used and treated. The people living in the region which became known as Contrivi saw magical studies and its influences on restrictive laws as the most influential arm of the still forming Trifecta version of government, while Astana was still very much a religious state.

In the aftermath of civil war which left Contrivi the victor (but in shambles), more in-fighting began which lead to the formation of Orsia from Contrivi lands.  The remains of Astana formed the Kingdom of Fortis.


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