Universe Basics

Deities and the Existential Universal Planes


In the universal design within the lore of the Dreams of Sominia series, there exists in the ordered format the following:

These are the five planes in which mortal beings and the Divine forces of the entire universal structure are segregated and/or in rare cases, interact.  There are many restrictions in the flow of life from one existential plane to the next; most notable cases being the boundaries of the Realm of The Gods and its separative element as a creative barrier from those of the Higher Realm from interacting with the worlds of the Lower Plane.  Let us look at each of these Planes and the functions they represent:

Plane of the Moirai

The Three Sisters of Fate, known collectively as the Moirai are the unified spirit and soul of the universe. They keep an oversight of everything and, in particular, the realm of the Fated Dreamers. The Sisters represent the ideals of the past, the present, and the future of all the existential planes and as a result reside on the Plane of the Moirai.

Author Note:  The Plane of the Moirai is not permeable much alike the barriers separating the lesser planes of existence. No one can depart the Plane of the Moirai nor enter as it consists of the most primitive of divine forces in the entire expanse of existential planes.

Higher Realm

The Fates are the souls crafted with open creativity to build and create much of the Lower Plane’s universe.   Their universal plane, the Higher Realm is similar to our universe and timeline of cultural development, where the souls of common people and creatures live normalized lives without much interactions nor oversight from the Divine Forces.   Those of this plane are not aware of what their proper purpose is in the fate of the universal design and implementations.

Author Note: The barrier which separates the Higher Realm from the lower aspects of the Universe is permeable towards the Lower Plane but not the Plane of the Gods.  The reasons for this is that the Moirai are tasked with the protection of the creative vessels which influence the lower planes and grant each of the Goddesses a solitary Fate to empower their creative nature in the ever expanding functions of the Lower Plane’s universal structure.  It would be unforeseen if a lesser divine element had unrestricted access to the source of energy which empowered the lesser planes of existence.


Realm of the Gods

Within the confines of the divine plane in which all Godly entities but that of the Moirai call home, is a dimensional plane known as the Realm of the Gods.  Composed of a female formulation and design, the Goddesses which manage and focus their creative intentions of the Lower Plane reside primarily within this plane.  Goddesses are divided into two variations:

  • Grand Goddesses are tasked with the supervision and protection of each respective galaxy or system. They help to assist and foster the relations between the lesser Goddesses and their own communing with the Moirai.  These are the Goddesses tasked with ethical oversight of the planes and myths of the Lower Plane often allude to their reckoning of divine judgement in those who disobey the laws of the Planes.
  • (Lesser) Goddesses usually have the job of oversight and defense of their respective worlds. They answer the call of the Grand Goddesses and are much less powerful.  Primarily they are relied on for the creation of new worlds and systems.

Author Note: I like to imagine that the entire structure of the Goddesses is much akin to a large office; the daily drivel of ensuring each Goddess performs their jobs diligently is led by a supervising Grand Goddess. 


Lower Plane (The Universal plane which houses the World of Sominia)

Sominia along with its dual set of moons, Aun (M1) and Ira (M2)

The world of Sominia was formed in a System known to the True Universe as Contrivae and overseen by the goddess, Zdena – otherwise known as the Goddess of Rebirth.   Popular in the creation mythos with the humanities which call Sominia their home world, Zdena is purportedly still able to appear into a physical body as needed to observe the flow of life upon her beloved world.   The Fate, usually of the female gender from the Higher Realm, supplies Zdena with an unlimited manifestation of the mystical elements and acts as the replenishing source of such similar elements, known as mana, for the Goddess’ respective world.

As a younger Goddess, Zdena was said to have taken much care in the crafting and creation of Sominia and its People.  Her ultimate concern was not risking her creations to the retaining of such potent elements as of its tendency to corrupt souls and lesser creatures into nightmarish beasts.  After the initial use of her powers to weave the world, Zdena sealed away as much mystical residue from the world’s surface and placed the leftover remnants deep into the world itself.    Lore states that the world’s initial supply of mana is still  hidden deep within Sominia’s core.

Author Note: Think of the Fated Dreamer as the shield and creative element/energy source for their respective Goddesses.  Another note with Zdena for those who have already read the first book, Into the Dream, I tend to liken the possibility that the Goddess Zdena is somewhat aloof in her own duties and prone to not fully being as diligent as she should for her responsibilities.

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